Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wash day

That's laundry day because Mel got a wash yesterday which brought on an all afternoon rain which pretty much ruined the wash job. I got word late yesterday my sisters and brothers-in-laws are in Prescott and should arrive here sometime tomorrow. Today then becomes laundry day. They have a nice facility here, but like everything else around here, it's a tourist area and that means pricey.

One benefit of the rain yesterday was the sunset the clouds produced. Sunsets always seem more brilliant in the mountains for some reason, here's last nights.

Off to the laundry, the quicker I get it done the quicker I can get back to enjoying the good life.


  1. It seems like you just did laundry. How many times do you change a day? lol

    Beautiful sky!

  2. Oh the dreaded laundry day. I put it off as long as I can and then I am desperate.

    1. I don't include laundry in enjoying the good life.

  3. Now when do you find time to shower? Clean clothes alone don't always hide B.O.. :cP

  4. Well at least you will be all nice a fresh for the family.

    Beautiful sunset


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