Sunday, October 26, 2014

10/19/2014 - 10/25/2014

The week started on a positive note with the Bronco's beating the Giants on Monday night football.

Monday was a trip to the doctor to see if I passed my tests that I had studied so hard for last week. The verdict was positive and I've been pronounced well enough to continue my survival quest.

Tuesday was a trip to Walmart to buy groceries. Being a pragmatist I saw no reason to do this until the doctor pronounced me fit enough to continue eating. The pantry was filled.

Wednesday was Mel's birthday. He has made it a full seven years and we now begin our eight year together. In that time Mel has driven through 29 states, mostly west of the Mississippi. Who knows what adventures lie ahead.

Thursday it was a quick turn around for the Denver Bronco's. After playing Sunday night they played the Chargers on Thursday and prevailed. I'm not sure if like the idea of mid week games with a lack of preparation and recovery time, but it is what it is.

Friday it was an exciting day here at Val's as a new double wide mobile home was brought into the park. Everyone turned out to supervise and with our help the unit(s) were placed on site. 

Half a house shows up in the morning.

Staging section 1.

Section two arrives.

Section two obstacle course with a light pole dead center.

Protective plastic removed and ready to be mated up.

Tight squeeze.

Almost there.

Some of the supervisors inspect the work.

And we have a house.

A crew will be in next week to do the finish and trim and skirting. 

Saturday was a quite day with only one game played for my teams. I did make a walk around the park and can report everything is in order and day by day the population continues to increase as more folks join us in the south of Texas.

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