Sunday, September 14, 2014

9/9/2014 - 9/12/2014

Today was a quiet day around here as we continued with the triple digit heat. I did finish setting up the water and sewer lines and continued to watch my front windshield cover flap in the breeze. I have ordered to tarp holders and bungee cords to put an end to this lest that's my hope.

Another quiet day as the heat is enough to limit outside activity. Humidity has been around 60 to 70% with daytime highs in triple digits. Not the kind of weather you want to go out and play in.

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow so some relief is on the way, at least we can hope.

Lesson learned, don't visit the dermatologist when his mortgage is due. Today the Doctor was able to identify four areas of interest which he felt needed his blade. Another lesson, don't go to a knife fight unarmed. I now have four wounds, two on my right arm, one on my chest just below my neck and one on my nose. Results will be in in 12 days until then just work on healing was the instruction.

The rain has begun, it started just afternoon and has rained on and off since then. At time it rained so hard this evening that I couldn't get a satellite picture to watch the game. They managed to win without my help though, so it was okay.

It continues to rain and as of this morning we've received 4.25 inches of  the liquid stuff. This is good news for the Valley which has been going through a drought the last couple of years. With a break in the afternoon which allowed me to watch the Cardinals to win, the rain picked up again in the evening and the total for the last 36 hours has been 7.05 inches. It is officially wet. It looks like a pretty solid end to the drought as the lakes and ponds fill. They tell us there is more on the way in the next week.

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