Friday, April 18, 2014

4/11/2014 - 4/17/2014

A quite day around here with Cardinal baseball taking center stage as they whipped the Cubs. It's always a treat to watch the Cardinals win, especially when they are beating the Cubs. Other than that It was just a lazy day.

The day started with a trip to the dermatologist where he used half a container of nitrogen spraying anything that even looked like it some day may become suspicious. He also took a little chunk of skin off my knuckle for a biopsy. He didn't think it was anything, but just wanted to have something to remember me by. I always ascribe these skin lettings to supplemental mortgage payments. A trained physician can recognize a lot of these little growths as benign, but lets go on and cut for insurance payments. I was told to call back in two weeks for results, but was scheduled in October for my next appointment.

After the doctor a stop by Walmart was in order to finish off the emptying of the billfold. Then it was home to recover from the six AM wake up call. Next event will be the baseball game this evening.

This afternoon the calm, muggy day abruptly ended when a front moved in from the north. Within 15 minutes the winds picked up to 25 miles per hour and the temperature dropped from 90 degrees to 74.

Cards won 7 to 0. Good night.

The wind has continued all day and after an overnight low of 49 the best we have been able to do is 73 degrees. 

I'm expecting delivery of a couple of items from Amazon today One was in town Saturday, but UPS turned it over to USPS yesterday morning to make the final delivery, I guess I'll get it today, but it's sure hard to fathom why this was done.

Another win for the Cardinals and half way through the game I began to sneeze.  I haven't stopped yet. It's 52 degrees outside and I do believe I've finally caught a cold with all this goofy weather we've been having.

The package I was expecting arrived last night and I put it right to work. While reading Judy's blog last week at Travels with Emma I saw she was given a nice going away gift for her volunteer service at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge and I decided that a similar gadget is what I needed. I contacted Amazon and sure enough they had one that they had been holding for me. Well it arrived yesterday and I set it up last night and turned it on to 'rain forest' and even with the cold coming on I slept like a log in a...well, a rain forest. Probably a good thing I didn't set it to running river, although it might have cleared the nasal congestion.

The game this afternoon didn't have the desired outcome, but we one two out of three from the hottest team in baseball, now it's on to Washington. I guess it's true, you can't win them all.

Today I was off visiting car dealers to check out a couple of vehicles I'd seen on the internet. Due diligence paid off and I made a deal that I can live with and PaT will be leaving the team and we're going to be having a Fiesta.

Because of the holiday today I won't be able to transfer funds or take possession until Monday, but come Monday I will be driving a 2013 Ford Fiesta. This will be a bit more comfortable to drive when I make the trip back to Hannibal, Missouri this summer.

Another change and life just keeps moving forward.

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