Thursday, July 24, 2014

7/21/2014 - 7/24/2014

The first day of the wait for the new GPS is here. Checking the UPS tracking site shows the unit left Oklahoma City and the expected delivery is date Tuesday July 29th. I sure hope I don't have to wait that long, time will tell.

Lot's of visiting as I watch people come and go through the park. This park a mostly an overnight park for people on the way to and from the mountains, but it presents the opportunity to visit with some interesting people. 

The package left Salina Kansas this morning and arrived in Commerce City Colorado this evening. ETA is still saying 7/29.

Started the morning with a load of laundry to get that out of the way.

The new GPS arrived this morning. It left Commerce City late last night and arrived in Burlington Colorado early this morning. By 9 am it was out for delivery and it was in my hand by noon.

Now the learning curve begins. Features all over the place. The big difference with this one is the fact that it will connect to my WIFI Jetpack and give me weather and the gas prices at the upcoming stations along my route. It will be interesting to see how this works in the real world. With all these features I might be forced to read the manual.

A three block walk to the local grocery emporium took care of replenishing some needed items. It still amazes me how strong I gotten over the years, as a teenage it took me several trips to haul $15.00 worth of groceries to the car. I can do it now without breaking a sweat.

Then the second half of the laundry chore was disposed of as the second activity of the day. While waiting for the laundry to finish my Susie Homemaker instincts kicked in and I ran the vacuum, just in time, a front end loader might have been needed if I had waited any longer. 

Then I was on-line planning next weeks activities with the help from the book Tourist Trains Guide Book. Next Wednesday I will be riding the Cumbres & Toltec RR from Antonito Colorado to Chama, New Mexico. This is the reverse of the run I did last year that really impressed me. Then on Thursday I will be riding Rio Grande La Veta Route RR from Alamosa to La Veta, Colorado. Two full days of riding the rails mostly above timberline. Plans from there are are to be formulated.

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