Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/12/2014 -10/18/2014

The week started with wins by the Bronco's and by the Cardinal's I hope this is a good omen.

Monday it was a trip to the doctors office to get labs done in anticipation of an appointment on Friday.
No games today.

Tuesday the Cardinals lost to the Giants and they aren't looking like they have it together. I'm afraid the season is winding down.

Wednesday was the day to get destitched or is it unstitched? Any way I got the job finished. and now I don't have a stitch on. I will say of all the MOHS surgeries I've had this one caused the most discomfort, primarily because of location. Just moving my head tugged on the stitches

Thursday was the highlight of the week with a trip to the Riverside Club for a get together with Marsha and Paul of Wheres Weaver and they brought along Angie and Rick who they introduced me to last year.

Angie, Marsha, Paul, Me and Rick.

The time passed all too quickly, but always it was enjoyed by all.

My Friday doctors appointment got fouled up when the called to tell me to come in for the labs that I had completed on Monday. The appointment is now scheduled for Monday. Gives you a lot of confidence when the doctors office can't even keep the appointments straight.
Friday it was do or die for the Cardinal's and they died. The season is over and now we start the countdown to spring training. I thank the team for an entertaining season.

Saturday was football day and two of the three teams I follow went up in flames. It sure makes for a long day when the teams you are cheering for are loosing. 

I did get new neighbors yesterday or they got me as they returned to Val's to reclaim their park model. They are from Chassell Michigan which is way up on the upper peninsula. We are slowly becoming populated here at Val's as more folks arrive to claim their spaces. I'm looking forward to meeting many new folks this year. 

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