Friday, August 23, 2013

A walk about.

This morning I took a walk around the Williams area and here is some of what I saw.

An old steam compressor.

The original ticket windows.

A retired 2-8-0 steam locomotive.

Downtown on Route 66.

More of the downtown.

Bigger than a wristwatch.

The Grand Canyon RR station.

Getting ready for the cowboy show. 

Lots of angry talk.

The sheriff shows up and somebody's going to get hurt. 

They all recover for the show tomorrow.

What I learned yesterday by watching out the window. Dumping tanks 101. I watched a guy yesterday show up in a half haz-mat suit and gloves up to his elbows hook up his sewer hose. So far, so good. Then with the same gloves on he disconnected his fresh water inlet and plugged the hose into his tank fill and proceeded fill his fresh water tank. As this was proceeding he completed the dump operation and disconnected the sewer hose at the coach side and laid it down on the ground. Still using the same gloves he disconnected the water hose and inserted into the sewer hose to rinse it out. Once this was finished he disconnected the water hose and coiled it up, still using the same gloves, and stowed it in a bay. He then put the sewer hoes in a plastic container and put it in the same bay. The final step was to throw the rubber gloves in the trash. Using fresh water hoses and sewer hoses with the same gloves seems a bit counter productive to me, but I guess it works for him.

Today is wait for the family to arrive day. I got a report this morning that there was a problem with the rental car, but they still expected to arrive this afternoon. When they arrive I'll teach them how to enjoy the good life.


  1. You are undoubtedly the best teacher on that subject in the whole universe. I need to pay better attention.

    1. That's probably not the way I would do it Barney.

  2. Ick! Also, rinsing out the sewer hose with the fresh water hose? Good grief. The man is an idiot!

  3. Amazing how people's brains just don't work sometimes. Provides entertainment for the rest of us. Have fun with your family.

    1. Life is entertainment, we just have to know where to look.

  4. Williams was a interesting little town, but the rain ride up to the Grand Canyon was really great:)

    I may not be able to drink water from someone else's RV for awhile:(

  5. Now that fool should hang up his gloves, I mean keys. That is so nasty OMG!

  6. I watched a lady one time at a Flying J pull up to the dump station and take a large, green trash bag out of a storage bay. She pulled the sewer hose out of the bag and hooked it up to dump. Then out of the same bag, she pulled her fresh water hose and filled her water tank. When she was all done, the sewer hose and the fresh water hose both went back into the same bag which she then closed with a twist tie and shoved it back in the storage bay.

    I wonder if she was curious as to why she and her kids got sick when they used their RV.

  7. That is the biggest manual red sewing machine I've ever seen! ;-) Ah, the joys of watching others...yea, ick on the gloves thing. He might as well have not worn them at all...

    1. A sewing machine, indeed.

      He probably wasted a perfectly good pair of gloves for all the good they did.


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