Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Williams Arizona.

After posting yesterday most of the comments referred to me taking things easy. Following the readers good advice I headed to Kingman, stopped at Flying J to fuel up, then it was over to Walmart to grocery up and refill a prescription. Groceries were no problem, but the prescription took over 3 hours to refill. By then It was clouding up so instead of getting the wash I headed back to Blake Ranch for the night. This morning I tracked my families flight from St. Louis to Phoenix on Flight Radar a really neat program that shows what is in the air at anytime all over the world and you can zoom in on any plane and track it individually. After they arrived safely in Phoenix I said my goodbyes and headed for the wash. Once the wash was finished and Mel was spiffed up I headed towards Williams and less that halfway there I ran into the 30% chance of rain promised for today and it's still raining.

Before I left Blake Ranch I took a few pictures around the office and I would recommend this park if you're ever in the Kingman area. Some really nice folks work here.

The sushi bar or koi pond your choice.

Feeding time. They told me one on the cats was on the ledge getting a drink and one of the fish latched onto the cat's nose causing a new worlds record for a leap from a standing position. The cats water elsewhere now.

The bird feeder.

Instructions for those with no reading skills.

Some rusty stuff.

The freeloaders at the seed bar.

I got here in Williams just in time for the end of the second inning of the Cardinal game. By then the score was 7 to nothing, but Westbrooke is pitching and by the 4th inning the brewers have all ready gotten three runs back. Time to sit back, watch the game and the rain and enjoy the good life.


  1. Sad that only a small percentage of dog owners need to be constantly reminded of PPAPP (Proper Peeing And Pooping Places). :c(

    1. I just watched a dog owner literally drag her medium sized dog to the fence line, look around to make sure no one was watching and left without picking up after the dog. Apparently she was too good for that job.

  2. I have seen those signs before there cute maybe to cute. I never let Fred go on anyone's property and I wish others would show that same respect but NO and then they will tell you too my dog peed on your rocks. Gee how proud they are.

    Williams may be small but I really liked it.

    1. Irresponsible pet owners should have their pets put in foster care. Just my opinion.
      Williams...gateway to the Grand Canyon and an old Route 66 town.

  3. We really enjoyed our stay at Blake Ranch. May be staying there when we come back down in September.

    1. Really was a nice stay and the work campers Sandy and Joe were just as nice as could be.


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