Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7/5/2014 - 7/9/2014

Rain, we actually had rain. The heavy accumulation amounted to .01 inch. It did green up the grass a bit. It was pretty quite around here today. An afternoon ballgame kept me inside for most of the day and I was able to suffer through another Cardinal loss.

The weekend mode continues with an afternoon game and the start of preparations for moving north next week.

Trip down to Val's Kountry Corral today to see about working out storage for my car while I travel. These folks are as nice as can be and welcomed me. They even cleared out space under an awning across from their house so they could keep an eye on it. The park is also gated so I feel better about leaving the car there than at J-5 where management isn't even here 6 hours a week.

Cardinals win in the ninth with a walk off home.

This morning we made a trip to Spikes Ford. On the way back from Hannibal I started noticing a vibration as I slowed down below 10 miles an hour. Once I was stopped the vibration stopped. They found the problem was in the transmission seals and they are in the process of fixing they problem as I write this. Probably be in the shop a couple of days.

Cardinals win in the ninth with a walk off homer. As Yogi would say 'it's deja vu all over again'. Two nights in a row.

Well it's official and I can finally announce that my GREAT niece is going to be a Shriner Hospitals Ambassador next year. Here is her story.

Congratulations Katie.


  1. John are you still in Troy? If so would like you to get down to Dardenne Prairie forma visit, got room for you in the drive. Sam & Donna...PS maybe they will still have the 4 dollar deal for a a ball game.

    1. Thanks Sam, I'm already back in Texas. It was a whirlwind trip to Troy and then on to Hannibal for a couple of reunions. I didn't even take the motorhome. I'm now getting the MH ready for travel. Heading toward Colorado Tuesday. Next time.

  2. John, Katie, is a remarkable young Lady. What a drive she has and her parents are a blessing too. Thank you for sharing her story.

    Good and safe travels

  3. I think the world of the Shriners. Years ago I had a young fireman who worked for me, his baby daughter was born with a deformed hip that no hospital could help. Shriners Hospital in Philly took her in, operated and fixed the problem, all at no charge. I'll always be happy to contribute to their cause.

  4. What a fabulous video. I actually made it all the way through...but not with some tears. What a beautiful person Katie is inside and out. Please pass on our congratulations. The family must be very proud.

    1. She has certainly taken the lemons and made lemonade.

  5. She's truly blessed, and will be a blessing to many others!


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