Monday, July 14, 2014

7/10/2014 - 7/14/2014

The car problem looks to be a bit more complicated that the first thought. Parts are being ordered and I think the warranty will be tested.

Looks like the Fiesta will be in the car hospital over the weekend. Spikes Ford sent their courtesy van to pick me up and take me to the airport for a rental, which they are providing at no charge to me. On the way back home I picked up some groceries so I'm set for the weekend. 

More preparation for getting under way next week. I replaced the winter air in the tires with some summer air and brought them up to operating pressure. This required pulling off the canvass wheel covers and storing them. I also refreshed the tire dressing with a fresh application. 

More busy work around Mel. I refreshed the Rand McNally maps on the GPS and programmed in the first part of my route out of town. I also drained and filled the fresh water tank and ran the generator. The house batteries were also topped off with distilled water.

I spent some time on the phone today with Millenicom. Ever since I got back from Missouri my internet has been slow. I first though it was Verizon, but it continued to get slower. After this mornings call things were fixed in about two hours and I'm back to 4G speed. I sure like internet at 12.9 mbps better than 0.15.

I got a call from my service adviser at Spikes Ford this afternoon and all the parts have finally arrived. She said things should be finished tomorrow.


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    1. The best part is it's going away under warranty.

  2. Thank goodness for warranties. Glad everything is getting fixed and things are shaping up for the next adventure.

    1. Ready to get out of here and not a minute too soon, 110 here today.

  3. Had to play some catch up on reading blogs after all my visitors. Boy, that Katie really is an inspiration!

  4. Bet you will be very happy to hit the road and out of that heat. Hope you won't have anymore problems with the car when you return next winter.

  5. Nothing like preventive maintenance, especially getting the air changed out in those tires. Better done now than at the side of the road in some out of the way place... :cD

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  7. Yea! The problem is fixed. I am sure you are ready to hit the road. Safe travels when you do hit that road.


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