Thursday, May 22, 2014

5/18/2014 - 5/22/2014

Not much happened around here today as we were in the Sunday mode. We did have to suffer through the Cardinals losing a lead a finally getting beaten by the Braves 6 to 5.

Took the opportunity today, with no ball games scheduled, to drive to Zapata and visit with old friends. Harley and Annis were well and we had a nice visit. Mileage for the 200 mile round trip was 40.0, dang I hate that.

I had a long talk today with Moses and he informed me of some of the steps they have taken. Landscapers have been hired to maintain the grass in the park as needed and will be starting next week. They have also hired tree trimmers to come in and clean up all the trees. The park maintenance man has been let go and will be replaced with work campers next season and the owners say they will be lining in the park next season. Lots of change on the way for the folks at J-5.
Cardinals win.

 Lots of activity as the workers are busy patching the roads in anticipation of resealing them tomorrow.

This machine was sent off to fix the potholes, an operator would have helped.

Watching tar dry.

Cardinals 3 / Diamondbacks 2

As promised they have begun sealing the roads today.

First a blower is used to clean the area.

Then the truck with the sealer arrives. The guy on the right is in charge of watching the sealer dry. It must be an important position because every crew seems to have one.

And the finished product begins to shape up.

In an empty park this is about as good as the entertainment gets. Next we can look forward to the tree trimmers.

As the Cardinals were wrapping up tonights win I had a couple of visitors. The new owners dropped by to let me know that they have let Marisela go and were going to put their own management in place. A whole new park.


  1. sorry about your Cardinals not doing so well with a win here and there I guess it's OK. These new Owners are on top of things and hope they have better luck next year keeping more residents from leaving.

    1. Looks like they are going to turn the park around.

  2. Just think how much you're enjoying that free entertainment. Watching tar dry, is it better than watching paint dry? ;c)

  3. I can't believe they seal that road by hand. Also, I think watching the tar dry must be a very, very important job. I just passed three men watching it dry down the road.

    WOW...with all the changes being made, you may be changing your mind and staying there next year. You could be the hired work camper in charge of the whole dang place. What a big shot you would be then :)

    1. One of the reasons I retired was because I was tired of being a big shot. Now watching tar dry is enough responsibility for me.

  4. John ... you knew "the job was dangerous when you took it" never know what that tar may do in the drying process.


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