Sunday, May 25, 2014

5/23/2014 - 5/25/2014

Work continues here in the park as repairs are being made to the mail room and the soffit around the rec hall and they continue to seal the roads. It's keeping me busy watching all the activity.

Up on the house top...

Soffit being replaced.

Sealed road.

The new owners are working hard to shape this park up and I think the Winter Texans will be pleased when they return.


More activity as the worker move about completing different tasks. The street sealing came to a halt today when it clouded up and began to rain.

The Cardinals won today, but it was one of the few games during the season I wasn't able to watch. The game was on Fox and Fox does regional coverage. Because I'm on the RV Package I get the network channels from the east and west coast and Fox had other games scheduled for those markets.

The street crews showed up this morning trying to make up the day they lost yesterday. They are hoping to complete the job today. However, the skies are threatening so their success remains in doubt. They ran out of oil and won't be able to get more until Tuesday, so the job is paused.

Full schedule on the tube today with the Indy 500, NASCAR and Cardinal baseball. I should be a busy day.

Indy done and on the Charlotte.


  1. Have you reconsidered leaving next year? I know you like the area. Sounds like the new owners really want to do right by the park.

    1. I have already committed (and many people say I should be) to Val's for next year. May be back in 2015.

  2. One of my favorite pastimes is watching other folks work:)

    1. Now that we're retired we get paid for it. Such a deal.

  3. Always something to do to help Enjoy the Good Life.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  4. Want to Thank you for Your Service to our Country John.

    They sure are working hard to get things done. Even working Sunday's to catch up.

    1. Thanks Jo, my contribution was insignificant compared to many.
      The crew tried, but wasn't able to finish.

    2. Your wonderful people tried and the ones who didn't appreciate the efforts should have been jailed as traders to our country instead of being heralded and made celebrity status.

  5. Nice that you're there to supervise all those repairs. I know it's a tough job but somebody has to do it! ;c)


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