Saturday, August 17, 2013

Laws post V

Another round of pictures from Laws California.

Next stop on the tour was the miners cabin.

He really had a lot of rusty stuff. Apparently he missed the mother lode.

But he did have an ice box. I wonder how often the ice man came around.

Rather small bedroom, don't you think.

The rusty stuff pile, an assortment of a little bit of everything.

The machinery shed.

Steam to electric on display.

An assortment of pumps.

This is the stamp mill. I can imagine the noise this thing must have produced.

This setup showed the whole milling process.

This is where the ore enters the mill.

Just down the road was the mine that produced the ore.

A bucket full ready to be processed.

Water and fuel tanks.

The pump house and derrick.

A bull wheel.

More rusty stuff.

And even more, this pretty much approaches a life time supply of rusty stuff.

A switch engine from days gone by.

I think you probably are getting the sense that this is a really large collection of things from days gone by and we still have a couple of days worth of pictures yet to post.

Last night we had a thunderstorm pass through that left 3 tenths of an inch of the wet stuff. There was also thunder and lightening and we were without power for a couple of hours. That possibility exists again today. My plan for today is to do nothing, but I will do it well, just because it's my contribution to enjoying the good life.


  1. Replies
    1. The maid probably came in twice a week with the iceman.

  2. Hey, I'm really sorry that you didn't get out there and at least try to clean some of that rust off and polish some of that stuff up a bit. They need all the volunteer help they can get.

    1. Didn't look like anyone has volunteered for that job in a while.

  3. The bull wheel...isn't that where the miners stood around and told stories???

  4. Yup lots of rusty stuff alright. But interesting.


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