Friday, August 16, 2013

Laws post IV

More pictures from my visit to Laws California on Monday.

A former Catholic church.

The bell collection.

And on to the school.

One of the classrooms.

Not very attentive students.

Work in progress on the board.

The teachers quarters in the school.

A collection of old school supplies and books.

A resting place in the park.

And on to the wagon barn.

Lots of different types of wagons.

This wagon used to take miners to work and later took minors to school.

Some of the wagons need a bit of duct tape.

Interesting information about the heavy wagon.

A heavy wagon.

On to the blacksmith shop.

Lots of different size bellows.

The forge.

Some tools of the trade.

And more.

Some pretty serious saw blades.

I think there is a hammer for every need here.

A stop at the gas station.

Looking in the auto repair shop. More duct tape needed here.

A collection of early road signs.

Many were posted by the Auto Club of Southern California.

A stop by the saloon.

The bottles looked pretty dusty.

That's the pictures for today. There are still more to come. This place is one big museum. 

Baseball this afternoon as the Cardinals head to Chicago to play the Cubs. If they win it will be a big plus for enjoying the good life.


  1. Another great round of pictures. When I first heard of Laws Railroad Museum, I had no idea what a delightful place it is. One could easily spend most of the day there. I'm sure enjoying your pictures.

    1. It's really several museums within a museum. I'm sure glad I stopped by.

  2. That looks like a good place for those guys from that Pickers show:)

  3. I think Law is a wonderful place to stop.

    Those students look like some of my high school students during my teaching years.

  4. Did you leave them a few rolls of Duck Tape?

    1. I gave them a donation so they could buy their own tape, but I never part with mine.


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