Friday, May 10, 2013

Add Two

Butterfield RV Resort and Observatory is such a nice place I've decided to stay for two more nights and maybe the sky will clear enough that I can see the star show.

Going back to yesterday, here is the walking tour of Wilcox.

Start at the Schwertner House built in 1880. 

Nichols Lumbar Yard, 1881

Norton-Morgan General Store, 1880, The oldest department store in Arizona operating from the same location.

R to L Soto Brothers store, Wilcox Bank and Trust, Schley Saloon and the Rex Allen Museum and Theater Complex. 

A closer look that the Theater, the rest of the block was mostly saloons.

This is the grave of Rex's horse Ko Ko.

Rex Allen statue.

Some information about

their favorite son.

Railroad park where the statue resides.

The Rex Allen Theater Complex  

The Dining Car BBQ

City Hall in the old Southern Pacific Depot, 1880

Original railroad car built in 1915 for service on the Mascot and Western Railroad. The car is unique, being divided to half passenger and half freight carrying service. 

Commercial Hotel, 1916

Masonic Lodge and Nicholson Drug Store, 1916

 Wilcox grew up around the railroad with the major business district facing the railroad station. The Wilcox Depot was a major cattle shipping point from the 1880s through the late 1930s. Wilcox also provided supplies to several Army posts during the final years of the Indian Wars.

Tomorrow will highlight the visit to the Thing. Today I'll do a walking tour of Benson and concentrate on enjoying the good life.


  1. We had a great time at the Rex Allen museum. The women working that day was a wonderful tour guide. We also ate at the dining car. It was okay.

  2. We missed Wilcox when we were in that area. Looks like one of those little towns we enjoy visiting. Thanks for the tour.

  3. Looking forward to your visit to the Thing. I've been passing that by for years and never stopped. Just make sure you survive the visit... :cO

  4. I'll be interested to see if it is worth the price of admission. I've avoided it for decades.

  5. AZ. has so many of these early towns and ghost towns. I love them. The buildings are the best part.
    Sounds like your staying busy visiting.
    Can't wait to hear what you thought of the Thing.

  6. I love ghost towns and as far as ghost towns go...this one is quite pretty.


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