Saturday, May 11, 2013


This morning I took a walk to Walmart to refill a prescription and do my walk before the day heated up too much. It ended up being a 2.5 mile walk before breakfast, but mission accomplished.

To finish up Thursday's adventure I need to recap my visit to THE THING (click on the link to learn more about the THING) Actually the roadside attraction is pretty typical of many along the highways of America. A huge gift shop filled with authentic Native American artifacts (most of which point to the fact that there is a large tribe of Native Americans living in China). Once your shopping itch is cured and for the paltry sum of one dollar US you can head through the swinging door and into the world of wonderment. Actually there were some things that made the dollar investment worthwhile. Here's what I saw.

Arriving at THE THING

A section of the museum with antique vehicles.

Early tractor

Early RV power.

Early RV

Early Buick

Hitler's car?

Yeah right.

An old roadster.

A military truck.

Some really old guns.

A little desert 'pider.

Lots of wood carving.


Hard to photograph.

More transportation

Interesting little rocking chair.
More buggy's

A pioneer room.

And more of the room.
Lots of driftwood art and some old rusty stuff.

 Altogether I would say I didn't come away thinking I had just wasted a dollar. So I guess it was a successful visit to THE THING.

On another positive note the gut reduction continues to meet with success, today I moved to the last notch on my belt without turning blue and on the diabetes front I stopped taking the diabetes medication the first of May and this mornings reading was 97. Weight loss and walking seems to be doing the trick.

Today we have an afternoon ballgame and then I've given myself the rest of the afternoon off. Moving west tomorrow.


  1. You can't get much for a buck anymore, so I suppose you got your money's worth.

    Say, didn't the first Native Americans come over a land bridge from China? Maybe some of them decided not to make the trip. ;)

  2. Wow, you came, you saw and you survived! Congrats on both the Thing visit and your improved health! Keep it up so you'll have plenty of good health to continue the good life and travels.

    PS: Didn't know Adolf had a Rolls Royce (???!!!). I think somebody is selling snake oil with that one. ;c)

    1. You don't think a British company was supplying the Germans with vehicles, doubter.

  3. What wonderful news about the weight loss and diabetes. Congratulations on a great job!

    They sure do like their fencing. There is so much of it in front of some of those displays, I had a difficult time seeing the display.

  4. Thanks for the tour - now I don't have to spend my dollar to see it. Congrats on the weight loss. That is really fantastic news.

  5. I think they have improved The Thing since I went through there. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Your doing really good on your new life balance.

  6. I certainly enjoyed the tour. In my opinion a dollar well spent.

    Congratulations on getting off the medication and excellent news on your weight loss...keep up the good work :-)


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