Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another step

Through my years on this earth it's been one advancement after another as technology makes new headway in improving the quality of life. Some advancements are noteworthy enough that the manufacturer feels the need to publicize them with advertising on TV. Such was the case last week when I saw a Fruit of the Loom ad on TV, which might of escaped many folks attention, but not mine. Yesterday delivered to me a six pack of the new and improved Fruit of the Loom briefs.  The absolutely astounding break through and improvement in quality of life is that the pesky size tag has been removed and the corresponding information is now stamped on the backside of the brief. Now that we have made this huge leap forward for humanity the only question that begs to be answered is 'what took them so long'? So America you are dating yourselves if you still have size tags in the back of your underwear and you need to step forward to the 21st century, your life will never be the same

As you can tell not much is happening around here. I did make a trip to the bank this morning to see about renewing my credit and debit cards. Both of them were scheduled to expire in the middle of the summer while I'm on the road. Not a good thing to be in Podunk USA without a working credit card.

Indiana did lose last night, but they are still leading the Big 10 Conference standings and most folks agree it's the toughest conference in the nation this year. So all is not lost.

No plans until 7pm tonight when I will attend the "J-5 Has Talent" show. This should be interesting, but it's another way to enjoy the good life.


  1. Too funny. But I must admit I was really excited when they took the tags out of the neck of their shirts. I always had to cut them out for both Jim and our son. They hated them.

  2. I guess we now know the answer to the age old question....boxers or briefs!!!!!

  3. I think the talent show is going to be a hoot. Love to see old people trying to perform like they did when they were 20

  4. Now, John....I thought the first information was way more than I want to know and for sure your reply is really WAY more than I want to

  5. So do you have tags in your depends? And no, I'm not looking for a "cheeky" answer... ;c)

    1. This was not reported from personal experience, but only hearsay.

  6. Yes it was time to remove those stinkin labels even on the backs of bra's Thanks for that pokey itchy thing. Progress its a wonderful thing sometimes.

  7. Now we really know all about you. Whoever thought a blog would surface on Fruit of the Loom and we'd actually read it! LOL


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