Thursday, February 28, 2013

J-5 has talent

Sometimes greatness is right under your nose and you are totally oblivious to it. That was the case last night when we found out the hidden among the regular folks at J-5 there is a wealth of hidden talent. Major celebrities who have joined us here in the park, but have chosen to remain incognito until last night. 

The person that coaxed these folks out of the closet was Pat (in the center) the show director/producer.

The three judges were introduced. This one is Howard Sternum.

The house was packed in anticipation.

The first act set the tone for the evening.
Sonny and Cher and of course 'I've got you babe'.

They received the first of many standing ovations.

Next from Russia a world famous ballerina, The Sugar Plum Fairy, who was busy spreading pixie dust over the audience.

This couple had an argument on stage because 'anything one could do the other could do better'.

Donnie and Marie dropped in from Utah. Fortunately Donnies voice didn't make the trip so Marie sang 'Paper Roses'. Donnie was just his usual charming self.

Next a dance number as we were 'singing in the rain', an almost impossible event in South Texas.

How much is that 'doggie in the window' and the one pictured on the board did have a waggely tail.

Mr. Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson were next on the bill and Willie taking drags on his funny cigarette caught Howard Sternums attention and probably effected the vote.

This man was an amazing musician. He was able to play both parts of  'dueling banjos' with a guitar on one shoulder and a banjo on the other. He invited to audience to sing along, but no one seemed to know the words.

The show ended with a infomercial directed to the folks that have not yet become Winter Texans, inviting them to join in the fun at 

Another fun evening at J-5 where we are all busy enjoying the good life.


  1. So which one was you? Sonny or Cher? I looked closely and couldn't tell...

    1. No, sorry, this was a talent show and I was absent the day they handed that out.

  2. I know I'd have to be smoking something funny to get up on stage like that. :)

  3. Lots of acts last night. They all seem good but I would have liked to have caught the Willie Nelson one :D

  4. Hahaha, bet it was a fun filled night! A friend & I went to garage sales. They had a small dog walking in the house on the window sill, so I could not resist. I asked "how much is the doggie in teh window", blank stares. They had never heard of the song before & I was left looking like my usual idiot self...sometimes these things back fire. ;-)

    1. Sometimes we sort of date ourselves right in front of everyone.

  5. What a wonderful time I am sure everyone had. Takes some guts to get up there and act the fool.

  6. So happy to have you there to take all the wonderful pictures and introduce us to the players. Good Job John

    1. An amazing cast of characters, emphasis on characters.

  7. Your park has got to be the best one out there. There is always something fun going on. This one sounds like a riot!


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