Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day three

We have arrived at day three and still no sign of the sun and no temperature above 70, but today we are pushing it, the thermometer says 69 right now so I think there is a better than even chance we will break the 70 mark today. This morning I made a run to the bank to cash my 1993 dividend check from the electric co-op back in Missouri. To those of you not familiar with the workings of an electric co-op they collect your money through the year and at the end of the year any surplus is held for 20 years and then returned to the members. The check I got was too small to deposit so I cashed it which allowed me to stop at McDonald's on the way back home with just enough left over to pay for the gas I used.

Today, with the warmer temperatures, I plan to install the front license plate on PaT. That will get one of the jobs out of the way and leave only two left to do. I got to save something for the future so that every day I will have a reason to enjoy the good life.


  1. How do you define warmer temperatures? I am still not a very happy camper here with these overcast and gloomy skies.

  2. I guess with all that cash, you stuck to the dollar menu at McD's?

  3. My sister referred me to her dentist. I turned in a referral card so that she would get a $50 "thank you." I didn't realize that I got one too!! WOW! Almost makes going to the dentist bearable. ALMOST!! We went out to dinner tonight and both spent our bonuses. No dessert, bad for the teeth...

    1. Those windfalls sure don't last too long in our hands.


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