Friday, November 16, 2012

Day four.

Well it appears that the sun has been lost. We are now into day four of totally overcast skies and to make the mix just a little bit more dreary we have added rain. Not much rain, but certainly enough to ruin ones day.  The depressing thing is this mostly cloudy thing appears every day in the next ten day forecast. At least it has warmed back up into the 70's.

One another note, I have recently been having a problem with Google Reader and was wondering if anyone else has noticed the same problems. Several of the blogs I read are by people who write every day, but I am not receiving them every day. Their blog might disappear for a couple of days and then all of a sudden I will get two or three posts at the same time. I can't imagine why it would take two or three days for a post to make it over the internet to my computer, but that's what is happening. Anyone else seen this?

Today will be another day of cabin fever as the rain has just started to fall again, maybe it will wash the dust off PaT. Time to go find a good movie so I can continue to enjoy the good life.


  1. Same drippy weather here in Georgia without the warmer temps. It does tend to dampen the spirits. :(

  2. you need to get out and shoot that little varmit running across your screen...

  3. I've been having problems commenting, sometimes the comment disappears before it finishes posting. Then I have to remember what I wrote.

  4. I also noticed that. Some blogs I don't even see :(

  5. I just tried to go to a blog that I follow that did not show up in my reading list and McAfee said it was an unsafe sight to go to - so I wonder if anti-virus software is blocking some blogs.

    1. Ok, maybe a virus software problem. I use AVG, but mine come through, just two or three days late. One of lifes mysteries.

  6. We have had 2 days of this dreary weather too. And yes today it drizzled some on and off this afternoon. Figures since I walked over to my sisters house. But it stopped long enough to make it back.
    I thought a few of the blogs I read just started doing there blogs different but I guess I am having that same problem.


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