Thursday, May 3, 2012

4 AM surprise

This mornings adventure began at 4 am when a trip to the bathroom was mandated. The fun began when the foot pedal was depressed to flush the toilet. Pressure apparently built and a loud whosh was head as the water line blew itself off the back of the toilet. A scramble was made to stop the water flow and towels were employed to gather up the water before returning to bed and leaving the problem to be dealt with when my eyes were finally focused in the morning light. Anyone who has ever worked on an RV toilet knows that most RV's are manufactured somewhere near Oz where they have the services of the Munchkins who are much better able to contort themselves to make the plumbing connections necessary. After two hours of sweating profusely while developing my vocabulary I was able to again have a functioning toilet. My compliments to the engineers at Jayco for their ability to make muscles I didn't even know I had ache.

We did finally get the RMA number for the weather station so plans are being made to ship it back and a decision has been made to leave here on Saturday.  Tomorrow will be a trip to Wal-mart to gear and gas up and we will be ready to roll.

This afternoon will be spent in recovery mode, but there is also a Cardinal game on to keep me busy while enjoying the good life.


  1. Amazing how you have to learn how to work moving only your fingers. Not your hands just your fingers. Also as you said you can't even breathe for fear of misaligningthe fittings, but it is truly a good teacher of Bilingualism.

    Be Safe and Enjoy the Good Life!

    It's about time.

  2. Glad you got that little problem taken care of. Bet the air was blue while you worked!

    1. The language I was using wasn't found on Rosetta Stone.

  3. What a nasty thing to have happen at that hour of the morning. But you fixed it and now that's one more thing done and ready for the roll down the road.

  4. EEEks, water pump or towel, water pump or towel, which to do first!! Glad you acted quickly & got it under control. And yes, they build RV's in Oz.


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