Monday, March 5, 2012

construction day.

Todays wake up call came from concrete trucks rolling through the Park. It seems several of my neighbors have decided, at their own expense, to add concrete to their sites patios. Of course, the park approves such improvements because it makes the sites more desirable and at no expense to the park. I would have gone over, but it appeared there were enough supervisors on the job to get the job done. One thing about a 55+ park it that any hint of a project is sure to draw a crowd.

Site #1

Site #2

and Site #3

Entertainment is scheduled in the hall tonight and we are going to be treated to the Young Family Band a group of 5 children and their parents. I'm thinking this should be a fun show.

The rest of the day I am in perfect position to watch concrete dry and I might just do that until showtime tonight. Can watching concrete dry be part of enjoying the good life? Why not.


  1. Is there anything better than watching concrete dry? Maybe paint..

  2. You've been wearing me out with everything you've been doing to Enjoy the Good Life!

    It's about time.

  3. Glad you have something to keep you entertained. I have been enjoying the good life sitting on the couch trying to let my hip heal. Not working as fast as I hoped. When and where are you going to head this spring? Will you come to Hannibal for your reunion?

    1. I will be at the reunion, but probably no more than a week in Hannibal.

    2. Keep us in the know so we can come to see you.

  4. Nice people to have concrete for there patio at no cost to the owner. Tonight on your way home you should put your initials in the new cement. >8-)

  5. Watching concrete dry.

    Why I oughta...




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