Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Great night

Last night The Young Family Band came to the park to provide our entertainment for a Monday night. And entertain they did. Hailing from Guthrie Oklahoma the family is composed of Dad, Mom and the five siblings and all posses unique musical talent. The audience was left tapping their toes after a real enjoyable evening.

The Young Family takes the stage.

Faith and Nathan team up to do a number.

Faith and Haley pickin' together.

Some world class musicians showed up but they remained incognito.

The band all became incognito to recognize the stars. 
We all just had a real good time. You might check out their Schedule here and if they get anywhere near you  should check them out.

Today we have another great day and at this point nothing is planned. I guess I'll have to get out and see what happens while enjoying the good life.


  1. You sure are having some musical shows there.
    Enjoying the good life isn't very hard at that RV Park

    1. It is pretty easy when somone else entertains you.


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