Saturday, January 14, 2012

Morning meeting

Twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday there is coffee and donuts which is different than coffee muddle and is code for a park meeting. This is a time when folks gather to discuss park business, plan activities and discuss problems. I checked it out this morning and it seems the attendance is good and the dialog is lively.

Here's a picture of the donuts sales area getting ready to do a land office business, which they did.

I spoke with my friend Roger up at 4 Seasons yesterday and he has decided to join me here at J-Five next week. This is after the latest monkey wrench was thrown into the works by the park management. They have now decided that all RVers need to pay, in addition to their rent and electricity, a $15.00 a month fee for trash has been added. I believe management stays awake night thinking of new ways to irritate their guests in the park. I know it's having an effect because a lot of their regulars don't intend to return.

After a couple of cool days e are starting another warm-up and expect to be back in the mid 80's by Monday.
Today we are in the weekend mode and will watch a couple of bball games and of course the Broncos game this evening. Another way of enjoying the good life.


  1. Have a great day John! I'm having blogger issues, blogger FINALLY allowed me to view your blog of today! I've not been able to see yours or JoJo's for several days now. That other park sounds like it sucks total! (that's even more suckiness than totally sucky)

  2. TexCyn, seems like there are a lot of problems with blogger right now.

  3. Look it let me in!
    Maybe those managers in the other park want to turn it in a big fat empty place,
    Have great place now from the looks of it.

  4. Jo, welcome back, you've been missed. The managrs at the old park don't have a clue and they are running folks away. Nice park destroyed.


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