Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just waiting

Today is a just waiting sort of day. We're waiting to see if we get any of the 40% chance of rain that has been forecast. Right now the sky sure looks like it could begin at any moment. 

Item # 2 we are also waiting for today's ballgames to begin and this is even after sports were not kind yesterday and I had to endure a season ending smack down of my Broncos last night, At least the Missouri Tigers won their game. Today the Indiana basketball team plays Ohio State on the road at Columbus and that should be a difficult game. More disappointment on the way? Maybe.

Item #3 on the wait list is the waiting for my ship to come in. This wait has been ongoing for a number of years and I've always had the idea that when my ship does finally come in with my luck I will probably be at the airport.

One thing I'm not waiting for is the enjoying of the good life which will be going foreword full force today. 


  1. Enjoy your day John! Wow, looks like I'm finally able to comment...scary..we'll see though. I've not hit send yet!

  2. TexCyn you were successful in commenting, welcome back.

  3. I have been trying to comment for several days now to no avail. I don't know why I was able to comment on some and not others, it is the strangest thing.

    When I saw on the news that the Broncos lost, you immediately came to mind. Hope your other teams fair better.

  4. MsBelinda, I'm glad you'rs back. Blogger seems to be having a lot of problems lately.


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