Friday, January 13, 2012


This morning A former fellow camper at 4 Seasons who is at another park here in the valley stopped by to say hello. Max and some friends stopped by and we visited a bit. I also talked to Roger on the phone this morning and he is getting ready to pull out of 4 Seasons when his rent is due. It seems management has figured out a new way to irritate the RVer's and each of them is going to be billed $15.00 a month for trash. That brings the rate up to $300 per month rent + 15.00 for trash + $30.00 for cable + electric at 19.5 cents a kilowatt. Pretty expensive for an average park.

Around here things are good. There are more activities than one has time to participate in and in addition to the calendar the pass out every month there is a bulletin board where the rest of the activities are posted. Here is the calendar for this month.

 In addition it appears that there is regular live entertainment and there is a show tonight. Tommy Helms who appeared at 4 Seasons a couple of years ago and who lives here in the park is putting on his Burl Ives Tribute show tonight.

We are still chilly around here so the rest of the day will be spent in an attempt to keep warm while enjoying the good life.

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  1. That fella with the guitar appears to be having a grand time. Looks like fun. The coffee and donuts twice a week look like fun too!!


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