Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More entertainment

Last night we were entertained by  The Ball Ranch Family from Abilene.They operate a dinner theater in Abilene and when the go on vacation in January and February they come to the Valley and do shows. They are the most pleasant folks you would ever have the opportunity to visit with. I was told if I was ever in Abilene I had a place to park Mel on the ranch and if there wasn't a show scheduled I would leave with at least a cup of coffee or breakfast. Texas hospitality at it's finest from some truly nice folks.

Preforming at J-5

Daughter Sherry provides a good part of the vocals and the bass.

Mama Sue and accomplished musician and song writer on rhythm guitar.

And dad Gary the glue that holds it all together and head key grip as mother and daughter stall during the loading and unloading of the equipment(just kidding).

The evening went by too quickly, but the audience left with a smile on their faces having been well entertained.

Today's will be a busy day as a gaggle of my old friends from the 4 Seasons park in  Zapata will be arriving for a visit and a trip to Cracker Barrel. The ears should be tired and the tongue sore by the end of this day, but we will be enjoying the good life. 


  1. You sure do get treated to some good entertainment. Looks like the hall is all decorated for Valentine's day.

    Have a good chin wag with your friends today.

  2. What a wonderful day you've had. Yes, you truly are living the good life! :-)

  3. Lots of good stuff going on here. Thanks Donna K and TexCyn for stopping by.

  4. WOW another night of fun I'm feeling like life is passing me by. JK have fun. Made reservations for the 15th and maybe to another place on the way home.

    1. Go for it Jo. Sometime it comes to you and sometimes you have to hunt is down.


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