Monday, January 30, 2012

First annual ever

Yesterdays park excitement centered around the running of the first ever golf cart rodeo. A fair number of participants allowed themselves to be cheered and jeered by by a large number of spectators.

First stop on the course was the green table where a supply of golf balls was acquired.

Then it was through the serpentine course depositing golf balls on cones

and tees on the top posts.

Then it was a stop at another table to pick up a couple of  weighted socks

Then it's off to the teeter totter ramp

which became a real problem for some of the drivers.

Then it was down the blind alley where the socks were deposited in buckets and a backing maneuver was required to get back on course.

Then a drive to retrieve the broom and then collect the jars off the tops of the stands.

All the while the judge kept a sharp eye on the stopwatch and points infractions of spilled cups. The winners were provided with a fine assortment of prizes acquired at the Dollar Store.

Every one had such a good time they are already making plans for the next event in the wild world of outlaw golf carts.

Today it is predicted that we will have a 70% chance of thunderstorms and right now there are some actual raindrops on my window. Activities of the outdoor variety might be curtailed, but we do have more musical entertainment headed for the park tonight. Let it be noted there is more than one way to enjoy the good life.


  1. Looks like a good time.. Jane and my days are coming to join the fun.

  2. Oh my, that looks like a hoot. Thanks for sharing - enjoyed all the photos.

  3. What a great place that is for all of you. Glad you all had a good time. At least if it rains you got the outdoor stuff done.

  4. Haha, bet that was fun! My luck, I'd have a cart that would be out of juice! Hmmm, but then, that would be a good excuse to get out of the event too huh? ;)


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