Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tongue fatigue

Yesterday began with a trip down to Cracker Barrel to wait the arrival of our friends from Zapata. They arrived about 10:30 and after a brief game of musical chairs everyone found a suitable seat and the conversations began. Among the twelve of us I'm sure there were at least 15 conversations going.

Trying to find just the right seat.

A table for twelve six from Zapata and six that used to be in Zapata but have now moved to the Valley. Pity the poor waitress.

After breakfast the Zapata group followed us to J-5 for a visit with us and to see Jim and Priscilla, the resident managers, who used to be part of the Zapata group. We wore out our tongues and by mid afternoon it was time for them to begin the two hour drive back to Zapata.

After the company left there was more excitement in the neighborhood. First my neighbor across the street had a concrete driveway poured and that drew a crowd of supervisors two deep. While that was going on my other neighbors, The Cajuns, found a couple of stray squirrels and decided a hoedown was in order.

 Here you can see the new concrete and the hoedown at the same time. Before they started playing music I had the impression that the folks were setting up the chairs to watch the concrete dry.

A pretty good size crowd gathered  and no squirrels have been seen in the park today. This is the same group I paid $5.00 the other night to watch for a couple of hours. Last night jam was 6 hours for free.

Today's plan is to go into recovery mode and just kick back and enjoy the good life.


  1. sounds like you made a good move and are enjoying the good life more every day. We are still in Alpine enjoying the adult grandaughters.

    be safe. Marie

  2. Kenny and Angela and Marie, sometimes you have to search to find a life to enjoy, but it's worth the effort.

  3. I bet you needed to rest today. You sure have been busy. I love Cracker Barrel, love to look all through the little store find some cool things there.

  4. I can see why you are in recovery mode. Glad you are having so much fun. Enjoyed the pictures as well.

  5. Watching concrete dry - too funny! Sounds like it turned out to be fun!


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