Saturday, January 21, 2012

More activity.

About 1:30 yesterday afternoon Roger pulled in and began his set up. Plenty of folks here in the park showed up to give him a hand. There are two schools of thought on help in setting up. One group welcomes all the help they can get and the other group, which I fall into, do not care for the distraction of other folks in the set up process.

The crew swarms around like a herd of bees.

There was also a lot of supervising going on.

This morning was the twice weekly coffee and donuts meeting. This meeting is where park information and upcoming activities are discussed over coffee and donuts. A nice crowd was in attendance.

The donuts are gone so the meeting breaks up.

The rest of the day will be spent visiting, watching a ballgame and enjoying the good life.


  1. Kinda funny how the meeting only lasts as long as the donuts!!

  2. If I had an RV I would welcome all the help I could get but that is just me.

    Lol, with the meeting adjourning when the donuts are gone :D

  3. Meeting time should always be regulated by donut supply.

  4. I'm with you John, I really don't like people helping me or supervising me, I get enough supervision from my wife ;-) I have a particular way I like to set things up and really don't like to be interrupted. I'm getting old and with the distractions it's easy for me to forget something.

  5. Kenny B. I just feel it's too easy to mess something up if left for others to do.


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