Sunday, January 22, 2012


Humidity is the story here today. We start off the day at 81% and a temperature of 72 degrees.This makes for a hot and muggy type day as the temperature rises. Much of the air conditioning in units surrounding me has been activated, but I'm still toughing it out.

We are now in the weekend mode and the sports are appearing on my TV one right after another. Yesterday #5 Missouri beat #3 Baylor on the road, now that was a good win. Today it will be Indiana  basketball first and then maybe a football game later in the day.

The one thing for sure today is we will be enjoying the good life.


  1. That's what I like a man that will tought it out, because you haven't turned on the A/C since you posted this have you? :-)

  2. We could send you some of our colder weather so you wont have to use the ac. MMD

  3. Thanks, the weather is just right for me and the fans are doing the job.

  4. I just new you were a tough guy John.
    It was perfect weather here today again.

  5. Hey Jo, glad to see you are able to comment. The day here was better than most places in the USA, not complaining.


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