Friday, January 20, 2012

Some assembly

Yesterday about 1pm the new chair arrived. and after some 'easy' assembly the chair was ready to be test driven two hours later,  I am a firm believer that the word easy should never proceed assembly and this just confirmed my thinking. First the assembly instructions were uncovered. Lest you think two pages of instructions makes for a simple assembly let me point out that these particular instructions were on 5"X7" paper and weren't   particularly helpful for the job at hand. To begin with the parts listed on page 1 didn't include all the parts included in the package that were needed to complete the job.

The parts were laid out on the floor and the assembly begun while I made up instructions on the fly.

The chair, the base and two arms should be easy enough right? 

To this point, no problem and all that is left is to attach the two arms. We reached this point in about 15 minutes.

The next hour an 15 minutes was spent jumping up and down on, pushing and shoving on the arms to get them aligned with the holes on the arm rail so that the Allen bolts could be inserted and tightened down so the assembly of the chair was complete and testing was begun. The sleep test was first on the agenda and it went very well.

This chair sits firmer than the one it replaced which is the difference between an office recliner and a regular recliner. The old recliner didn't support the back very well when working on the computer and this chair is more upright. I do like the fact that there are five positive locks in the various reclining position. And I think after a few days of adjusting on my part this chair will work well for me.

Today's event will be the arrival of Roger and Donna into the park. I just talked to Roger and they are on the road and should arrive about 1:00 pm. Then it will be time to enjoy the good life.


  1. At least you got the package with "extra" parts...imagine the guy who got the one with missing parts! I think they do it on purpose just to confuse us. Oh well, all's well that ends well. The chair looks nice, now let's see if you can get a few good naps under your belt - that's the true test of a good chair :)

  2. Donna K test driving is in full ahead mode, so far so good.

  3. Made in the USA,, but the instructions could have come from China.


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