Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fleas for sale

Yesterday a trip to the Don-Wes  flea market was made. This is the largest collection of fleas in south Texas. That also means the largest collection of potential flea collectors will be in your way as you attempt to shop.
Roger, Donna and their two Mutso's (Lil-bit and Mickey) and my self took the plunge. 

Some indoors, some outdoors.

Mickey and Donna scout the road a head.

You name it, they've got it.

Lots of booths.

My purchase for the day consisted of a cap to replace the one I currently wear with an embroidered 'liven' the good life' which is about worn out. The embroidery will be done next week and my new chapeau will be ready next Saturday. My other purchase for the day was a hamburger and onion rings which by themselves provided me with a years supply of grease. 

Today we dawned a bit chillier so we have slowed things down and are in the weekend mode. A little TV will help to enjoy the good life. 


  1. But of course the dogs would go to the flea market but why they would want to buy any is beyond me! We have them for free here in Oregon.

    Hope you post a picture of your new head gear when you get it all embroidered.

  2. It sounds as if your move has been good. Yours posts sound like you are keeping busier than you were at the other place. It also appears there are more community activities. Take care.

  3. Thanks Mary Michael, there is a bit more to do here.

  4. Looks like a huge place. But lots of fleas? lol
    I saw a sign that read ear muffs. Can't seem to find them here except for the mail and they were $75. don't think I need them all that bad. I'll just crochet a head band :)

  5. Jo, they were established in 1979 and I'm sure the fleas are plenty mature by now. I can't imagine earmuffs are a big seller around here.

  6. Wow Joe, that is a real nice flea market in comparison to the ones I have frequented in the past.

    I am surprised they allowed dogs. I second DonnaK's request to see a picture of you in your new cap when you get it next week.

  7. P.S. I see Blogger changed your time clock to Pacific time as well:(

  8. Hadn't caught the time change MsBelinda, thanks.


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