Monday, December 12, 2011

Still waiting

We are still waiting for the sun to return around here. The rain continued most of yesterday and into the night and finally stopped early this morning. It still feels like rain with the humidity at 86% and a thick overcast above us. So far the sun has made very little progress in burning a hole through the clouds and it's a dreary day around here.

Yesterday's TV was good as I watched the Bronco's come from 10 points down with two minutes to play to win in overtime. Could not have happened if the Bears played smarter, but sometimes football players numbers match their IQ's. Anyway, we will take the win.

Today with things still pretty damp outside I'm going to limit myself to a few inside repairs that are needed and see what develops from there. Always working on enjoying the good life.


  1. Yes the crummy weather is back. Rained all day and will tomorrow too. Time to take life in the slow lane for a few days I'm thinking.
    Hope your weather is better tomorrow.

  2. My signal light is on and I'm moving to the slow lane. If I go any slower I might have to move to the shoulder and put out flares.


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