Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And it goes on

More rain fell last night and we have even had a shower this morning, but the end seems to be in sight. Looking up I see black clouds, but to the west I do see some blue skies. I guess that's what you call a mixed bag. It does seem that I'll be able to get out and take a walk around the park without getting soaked. The telling sign is that the golfers have all headed to the golf course.

So today it's off we go to see what has changed since we were out last time. Finding what's new will help me enjoy the good life.


  1. No rains here, but that's ok. It can wait till I get these Afghan Hounds groomed & sent home so they stay clean! Enjoy the day.

  2. Hope conditions improve down your way. You can't keep those golfers away from their game no matter the weather.

  3. Hope your part of the country saw sun today.
    Still pouring here. :(P


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