Sunday, December 11, 2011

More of the same

Drizzle that is. For the last 24 hours we have been rained on and according to the weather service this might even continue through tomorrow. This of course means more inside time and fortunately it is occurring on the weekend with plenty of sports on the TV to keep me distracted.

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of watching a team that I have followed since the 70's knock off the number one team in the nation. I was transferred to Bloomington Indiana by J C Penney in 1971, the same year as they opened Assembly Hall and their new coach, Bobby Knight, arrived. While living in the area I watched the Hoosiers win two national championships and a whole bunch of exciting basketball. It's good to see them back in contention.

Today will be Bronco day on the tube. I became a fan of the Bronco's when I moved to Denver after leaving Indiana. Another day if enjoying the good life is on tap.


  1. I will split screen the Denver game and the Packer game at 4pm local time. No rain up here in the "tropics" of southern Indiana....clear and sunny...cold

  2. Even with out rain I bet you would be in doors anyway with all the games on. Thats why the Ladies are having our party. We know how to live the good life too LOL

  3. I am a little late tonight. Hope you enjoyed your games and that your teams won.


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