Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today is a day to remember the rapidly dwindling members of the 'greatest generation' who protected our freedom in World War II which began with the attack on Pearl Harbor.

 God Bless and thank you.

This morning we woke up to 28 degree temperatures and the first problem was dealing with slush in the water line that had reduced the flow to a trickle. About 15 minutes of running an full flow returned. It looks like tonight will be another 20 degree night before some sense of normalcy returns. At least I have a furnace, which is not the case for many of the locals. 

The sun is out and we've almost reached 60 degree, so it won't be too bad enjoying the good life.


  1. "Let's Remember Pearl Harbor,
    As we go to meet the foe.
    Let's Remember Pearl Harbor,
    As we did the Alamo.
    We will always remember,
    How they died for Liberty.
    Let's Remember Pearl Harbor,
    And go on to Victory!"

  2. A day that will live in Infinite.




  3. The greatest generation indeed. A big Thank You to all who remain. Great comment by Judy.

  4. Very good Judy.
    This is a day we all will remember and try to keep it going with all coming generations.
    Stay warm John this weather can't last much longer. I hope.

  5. Thanks DonnaK and JOJO I hope you are right about this weather can't last.


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