Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More indoor play

What's with the weather? Yesterday the warmest spot in Texas only made it to 53 degrees and several places were near zero. My friends out in Elephant Butte are down to 15 degrees with snow on the ground. This morning here we hit 43 degrees and today's high is not expected to get out of the 40's. We are under a freeze warning tonight with lows expected in the 20's. It looks like provisions will have to be made to prevent the water lines from freezing up.

Today's activity will be directed at how to avoid claustrophobia while living in 270 square feet of living space. Fortunately we have the computer, Kindle and the TV to help us enjoy the good life while waiting for normal temperatures to return.


  1. John, I guess I could send some of this white stuff on the ground to ya :-)

  2. Thanks anyway Buzz, reserve that for the folks at Elephant Butte.

  3. We had a low of 26 last night. It warmed up to about 54 today and it felt good. Hope we all see some better weather in a few days.

  4. It is definitively cold. Add to that NO ELECTRICITY. The lights went out in our area around nine this evening. Looks like it will be a very cold night.


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