Saturday, December 10, 2011

100% humidity

Well it's the weekend and we are getting actual rain here in Texas. I remember when I was a poor working stiff how disappointing rain on the weekend was. It seemed like too often I worked all week in sunshine and when the weekend finally arrived  so did the rain. Now the situation is quite different and here in south Texas we are more than happy to see some rain. 

This mornings view out my window. Five years ago this would have been depressing.

Now that the rain has determined that the activity for the day will be conducted from inside the mobile cabin there is nothing more to do but sit back and enjoy the good life.


  1. I love being in my coach when it's raining. Love the sound on the roof. To me, it's relaxing.

  2. I'm hoping you'll be sending that rain Houston way. We could use it!

  3. Gypsy I agree when it's a gentle rain it's ver soothing and peaceful.

    Judy, it's on the way I hope.

  4. It may be wet and a blessing down there, but by the time it reaches us it's changed colour and density.

    It's about time.

  5. Sorry Rick and Kathy, but that' part isn't under my control.

  6. I too love the sound of rain when I'm in my rig. Of course I just love the gentle sound of rain anytime.


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