Monday, December 5, 2011

More wind

Looking around the country on the weather map, wind seems to be the big issue. We are no exception here in Falfurrias. The wind is coming strainght from the north (not good) at about 20 to 30 mph and it's keeping our temperature in the mid 60's. The wind is holding up the golfers and the temperature is slowing everyone else up, so there is very little activity around the park. At least some of the clouds finally blew away and we have broken blue skies.

Today's project is watching my neighbor and his three helpers install a WIFI booster antenna on the top of his fifth wheel. Why they picked such a windy day is beyond me.

I also met with the Schwans man this morning and we did some exchanging of money for grub. I think I got the best end of the deal, but then he probably thinks the same.

The rest of the day is set up to participate in indoor activities so as not to get blown away while enjoying the good life.


  1. John, it's 16 and snow here in Lubbock. Yuk! Would you ask them what kind of WiFi booster they are using and if it works?

  2. John, seems like Michael is in worse shape than I am here. I'll take your high winds and 60 degrees instead of the low 40s. for the daytime temp.

  3. Jo, the other shoe is falling here tomorrow. Overnight low here is going down to 40, high tomorrow in the 40's.


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