Friday, December 30, 2011


This morning we awakened to what around here is affectionately referred to as the Marine Layer, everyone else in the world refers to it as fog. Here is what I saw out my window at 7 am.

Once the sun got to work it quickly burnt off the marine layer and the fog disappeared with it and another nice day is at hand. We are already at 70 degrees and headed for 80. 

True to form another 4 or 5 units arrived from the north yesterday and began their south Texas thaw. Spots continue to fill up around here.

Today I will be out and about checking out license plates. It will be interesting to see how many states are represented. Just another way of enjoying the good life.


  1. I'm a license plate looker too. It's fun to see where everyone is coming in from. It seems to be staying at 65 outside today, which is nice for a change. It's 70 inside the rig. We had the same fog this morning too, I wasn't sure if it would burn off, but it did. :-)

  2. I love to see where people come from too.
    I like fog it has a mystery effect to it. Well at least I see that way. :)
    Our weather has been wonderful the sun has been shining our walks have increased.
    Hope you have a nice New Years Eve.


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