Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another nice day in a row.

We are off to another fine day here in paradise and the golfers are scurrying for a spot on the golf course. You have to be careful on the streets with all the golf carts flying around. 

Yesterday I was talking about the after Christmas crowd arriving and sure enough we had 5 units arrive in the afternoon. Today we have already had a couple, with more on the way. Some readers were surprised  that people would arrive so late. Let me tell you how that works. Dad says, 'let's head south and beat the cold weather'. Mom say's 'we need to stay for Christmas because the grandkids can't open their presents without us'. Dad responds 'but that will probably mean driving in some snow or ice to get south'. Mom who won't be driving says 'what's a little ice or  snow'. And dad who knows what's best for him agrees on the after Christmas departure. Dad will usually say 'never again' when he arrives with white knuckles from playing in the weather on the trip down, but those are hollow words and the process will be repeated next year.

This morning we have already emptied the holding tanks and laid down a new course of bug spray around Mel. We are now ready to venture out and see what can be done about enjoying the good life.


  1. Thats funny. I sure wouldn't want to drive in anything like that. Maybe dad should teach mom to drive the rig. haha.
    But OH yes the weather has been beautiful again.
    Parts for Redi setgo are on there way. Thanks for sending info.

  2. Glad you got the RediSetGo problem resolved. We had another nice day here today. Hope it stays that way for both of us.

  3. Thanks for answering the question about the late comers. I had a good laugh and I agree with JOJO about teaching mom to drive the rig :D

  4. MsBelinda I'm glad I could clear things up. You know the old saying...if Moma ain't happy, nobody's happy.


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