Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year, new start

We began the day with fog, but it has burned off and it looks like New Years eve will be an enjoyable day. I think a lot of folks use this day to evaluate the previous year and to prepare for a fresh start for the new year. For me a new start is not needed, the old one is working fine. I started the year with nothing and with careful management I still have most of it left. My life is good and I enjoy it on a daily basis. So there will be no new year resolutions, I never did have much luck keeping them anyway.

The results of yesterdays survey of license plates found an interesting mix of folks from quite diverse areas. Folks are here from Massachusetts and New York, Michigan and Wisconsin. Missouri and Illinois, Arkansas and Colorado, Iowa and Colorado, a few Texas plates and at least three provinces in Canada. Pretty good results and who knows what I might have missed.

Today's plan is to proceed at a slower pace and with proper energy management I might be able to witness the start of the new year. A real wild time enjoying the good life.


  1. It good to hear that you conserved all your nothing over the year. LOL. Have a happy new year and and let me know if I missed anything when the new year starts.

  2. It won't be likely that I will have conserved enough energy to see in the new year. :) zzzzzzzz

  3. Happy birthday big brother. I hope you have a great new year. I know ours is going to be busy and exciting with all the changes. Twins, helping Kristin move to a new home and a trip to Hawaii and Maine. Miss you. MMD

  4. I don't make New Years resolutions either.

    Even if I wanted to go to bed early it would be impossible with all the racket outside what with the fireworks.

    Happy New Year's.

  5. Happy New Year and thank all of you for dropping by.

  6. Is it really your Birthday? Well Happy Birthday and Happy New Year to you.
    Your plate count was nice work I hope you didn't burn to much energy. :)
    No resolutions here. I don't keep them and I really can't think of anything I care to give up, or start new. It all good

  7. Jo, my birthday is actually in October. Happy new year to you.

  8. Just one more "Happy New Year" from one of your loyal readers. Looking forward to another year of high level excitement blogs from you and Mel!

  9. Love your attitude, and post comments! Kind of like a friend of mine told me once..."You can make a small fortune playing poker, as long as you start out with a large one!"
    Have a great 2012. We'll try to keep up with ya'.


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