Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two in a row.

We are in our second day of decent temperatures even though the cloud cover is back. Yesterday I recorded 82 degrees and today we are already up to 72. Yesterday I was able to locate a couple of folks who don't play golf during my walk about and we flapped our jaws for a good bit. I'm going to make another attempt today to see who I can scare up. Like I have said, with this park abutting a golf course, it's not easy finding someone who isn't out chasing the little white ball around the pasture.

The next couple of day should see the last of the spots in the park fill when the folks who stayed home for Christmas start arriving. We still have a few spots left, but it's getting tight.

I'm out of here in search of today's way to enjoy the good life.


  1. I sure hope you found the way. Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be anthing worth going on. Of course it could be a lazy streak in me.

  2. I made a round of the park and found nothing interesting so I gave into lazy.

  3. Did not realize people starting arriving after Xmas.

    Guess they are not snow birds but in state birds or they would have arrived a long time ago?


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