Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pre-black Friday trip

Today was my trip to Wal-mart to avoid the Black Friday crowd which was already beginning to form at the Kingsville store. I'm sure some of the folks were grocery shopping for the big day Thursday, but others already had that power shopper look in their eyes. That look brought back memories of my days in management with J C Penney when the trick on Black Friday was to unlock the door without getting trampled. It also signaled the start of a long two months with the culmination the end of January after the White Sale and inventory. Those two months were never on my list of things I looked forward to.

Now that we have completed the 80 mile round trip to Kingsville and reattached the umbilical cords we are in a position to spend the rest of the day enjoying the good life.


  1. And a good life it is away from the hustle of the retail world! Have a great day! I for one, will be clear of the retail stores too.

  2. I went to Walmart on Saturday and it was a mad house already. Hoping to stay away from there for awhile.

  3. You both are right, the further away from the stores the better.

  4. You wouldn't get me out there for love or money.
    I ran to Walgreens today to buy a cake mix. That was daring enough for me.
    I would rather pay full price for something than get caught up in all the madness.

  5. JOJO, I knew you were smarter than the average bear.


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