Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving prep

Today, the eve of Thanksgiving, will require my attention in the kitchen making preparations for the big day tomorrow. Yeah right, anybody who knows my culinary skills, knows what a lie that is. My big decision will be to figure out if the content in turkey bologna is sufficient to satisfy the turkey requirement for Thanksgiving. I did buy a pumpkin pie at Wal-mart yesterday so the dessert requirement has been satisfied. I also thinking the being this close to the gulf that shrimp might be a reasonable substitute for turkey for the entree. You can see the decisions I'm faced with might keep me occupied most of the day.

The discussion of retail yesterday brought back a flood of memories of my days with Penney's and working with the public. One instance still stands out in my mind of how crazy the public can be. Anyone who as ever shopped for men's underwear knows that they are usually packed three to a package, patterned boxer shorts are no exception. The question is what do you do with a customer who only likes one pattern and is willing to buy a package if only you will open three packages so she can have the particular pattern she likes. How important is pattern selection to her husband/boyfriend. What scares me most about people like this is they vote. Or how about the fellow who every couple of weeks  stopped in one of Denver area stores to buy a riding lawn mower, only to return it a few days later. He would keep it only long enough to get his grass cut and then return it. Then he would wait until the grass needed cutting again to head for another Penney's store to start the process over.

Well it's time to head for the kitchen to begin the process of food prep so I can enjoy the good life.


  1. Happy Shrimp,,,er, turkey day! I'll take the package of undies regardless of pattern. No one will see them anyhow ;-)))

  2. How about someone who has a problem with certain rubber or latex and has to touch everything that remotly looks like it and then throws a huge load fit about how there hands are getting swollen and red. DAH!And wants to know why we didn't have a sign out to warn poeple. I didn't last very long in retail.

    Anyway have a wonderful meal and a Happy Thanksgiving.


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