Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wise decision

This morning when I awoke at 6 am I was greeted with the sound of gentle rain falling on Mel for the third consecutive day. After considering the facts of the situation I made, what to me, was the only reasonable choice and rolled over and enjoyed slumberland for another two hours. It appears todays activities will again be limited to counting rain drops as they fall. To think that I spent 6 months in Texas and New Mexico without so much of a hint of rain and since reaching Colorado on May 19th almost 17 inches has been bestowed on me. A years worth of rain in the last month. I guess that's what you call making up for lost time.

Todays efforts will be directed at enjoying the good life between rain drops.


  1. When you get you fill, go ahead and send us some rain.

  2. I will second the OFM. We did get a 20 minute rain a few days ago. First time since October.


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