Monday, June 13, 2011

Nice thought

The other day when I checked into the RV Park I was telling the park owner that I would be coming and going to various events and activities during my stay. I did this just to let her know that some days my space would be empty, but it didn't mean I had left. I mentioned Katie's party and a couple of days later there was a knock on my door and the manger was there with this Teddy Bear.

Mr. Ted D. Bear

The managers had taken it upon herself to add Katie to their churches prayer list and they brought this bear for Katie. With all the bad news you hear today it's so refreshing to be reminded of the good that is all around if we just take the time to notice. Thanks to the First Christian Church of Louisiana Missouri for your kindness.

I was awakened this morning at 5 am by the tone alert on the weather radio announcing we were under a thunderstorm watch for the day. Right now it is 60 degrees and cloudy and we have just had a few drops of rain. Since the weather bureau has ordered me to watch for thunderstorms I guess my day is booked solid. I guess I'll start a good book, build a fire in the fire place (when I get one)  and sit back and enjoy the good life.


  1. Just when you start to think people don't care much something nice happens.
    We are having some really big fires here in the White Mountains of AZ. It has been amazing to see the out reach going on here to help every one.

    Love the Ted D Bear I know Katie will love it.

  2. JOJO, I have friends in the Show Low area and have been following your blog with interest. The good in folks really shines during tough times. It warms your heart.


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