Sunday, June 19, 2011

Next problem please

Last night about midnight we were treated to a really intense thunderstorm with lots of lightning and for about 15 minutes we were getting golf ball sized hail. It continued to rain through the night and my rain gauge has finally hit 10 inches since moving north out of New Mexico  on May 25th. A check outside this morning revealed no damage, but let me tell you golf ball sized hail on a fiberglass roof will get you attention.

This morning when it did finally stop raining I decided to fill the fresh water tank and empty the holding tanks. To do this I normally pull in the slide to have easier access to the valves. I took care of all this without a problem and everything worked well until I went to put the slide back out. When I threw the switch on if just sat there. It took a gentle push to get it started and then it went right out. So then I wanted to make sure it was working properly and attempted to bring the slide back in and nothing happened when flipped the switch. Since going down the road with the slide out is not an option, I actually had to push the slide in by hand and secure it with the braces. Tomorrow, after the dentist Mel will get to go back to the RV doctor for a fix. Hopefully tomorrow we will both get fixed up and be ready to roll.

We are still overcast here and sitting around waiting to see what the day brings. Rain or shine we will still be enjoying the good life.

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