Friday, June 17, 2011

New neighbor

Yesterday afternoon my end of the park doubled in occupancy as brother Mike arrived with his fifth wheel for the weekend. He, as always when camping, was accompanied by Buster the wonder dog. Tomorrow his wife Jane should join us.

My new neighbor with Mel in the background.

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with friends Glenda and Angelo and Judy. Angelo and Judy, you may remember, were my neighbors last winter in Texas. Glenda and I were slaves to the same employer for years and she and her late husband Mark and I had many wonderful visits together whenever I was back in Hannibal. It's always nice to see old friends.

This morning it is nice and sticky out with a humidity reading of 80% to start the day. We have a 40% chance of adding something to the rain gauge today and from the looks of the sky I would say  the odds are much better than 40%. We'll just have to see what the day brings while we are trying to enjoy the good life.

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