Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yesterdays evaluation

Chip stopped by yesterday afternoon to look at Mel's steps and decided that some serious reinforcement was needed, so a time was arranged for Corey to stop by today to do the necessary work. Corey (Chip's son) arrived about 11:00 am and the steps are now considerably firmer than they were, but Corey still isn't totally satisfied with his job and will be back Monday to add more reinforcement to the steps. As usual Bakers RV is doing more than necessary to make sure the job is done right.

All this repair activity has thrown a monkey wrench into the jeep jaunt with Loren. Maybe there will still be time after all the fix ups are done.

This afternoon will be devoted to Cardinal baseball, after all it's a way to enjoy the good life.

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  1. Hi John hope your ok We are all ok here

    the Hicks
    Harley and Annis also NikkiBow


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