Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day trip

Yesterday, after Corey finished working on Mel's steps, Loren was kind enough to invite me along on a little trek to Cuchillo. We took a long way around and went through the towns of  Placita and Monticello. You can read more about the towns by clicking on the highlighted links. What surprised me most about the journey was these three towns are all referred to as 'ghost towns', but they are all inhabited, Monticello by as many as 100 families. This got me thinking, if they are indeed ghost towns property should be pretty cheap in a declining economy. Wrong again old confused one. Houses in Monticello were listed from $250,000 to $1.2 million dollars. Now that's some pretty upscale ghosts. 

This was the school built by the WPA and completed in 1935.

Today the school will require a bit of touch up to be used again.

One of the many residents still in use today.

San Ignacio Catholic church was completed in 1867 and is still in use today.

Yesterday was an enjoyable ride through the country picking up a bit of the areas history and thanks again to Loren who makes a wonderful tour guide. Today will again be a day of rest which is much needed to enjoy the good life.

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