Sunday, May 29, 2011

Race day

Two days into the Memorial Day weekend and today is race day with the Indy 500 and the Coca Cola 600 separated by a Cardinal baseball game. It looks like there isn't much room for  a nap in today's schedule. If you haven't watched the pre-race ceremonies for the Coca Cola 600 you should take a look. It's always a very patriotic and moving show.

Last night we dodged another bullet that tracked just to the south of  us. The weather radio sounded its alarm about 10:30 and I clicked on the radar and watched one isolated cell of severe weather track to within 20 miles to our south. Weather Underground indicated the storm had a 100% chance of producing hail and a 40% chance of severe hail. All we got out of the storm was a light sprinkle of rain as the storm moved on by.

Time to go racing and we will sit back and enjoy the good life.

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