Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still no 70

We still haven't made it to 70 degrees around here, but we're trying. Tomorrows forecast even mentions 77 degrees. Let's hope.

Yesterdays project that required my supervision was a removing a clog from the sewer line  that ran from the shower/laundry room to the main line. It was imperative that I supervised to expedite the process because my sewer line also runs into this line.
Watching Jim and his neighbor working on the sewer problem.

Today nothing is happening so far and we plan to keep it that way. Just kicking back on the Memorial Day weekend and enjoying the good life.


  1. The more I read your blog and the posts about the cool weather you're having the more I want to head to Colorado.

  2. You can have my spot. I'm moving east Tuesday To warmer temps.

  3. John. It's 2:30 pm. Sunday. Already 103. That's too dang hot.


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